This international symposium will deal with different aspects on copper-64 and zirconium-89 from radionuclide production, radiochemistry, metal metabolism, preclinical and clinical studies, to radiation dosimetry.

In order to promote discussions and fruitful exchanges, the symposium will proposed only invited lectures, one on copper-64 and one on zirconium-89 in each session, given by national and international speakers.

A round table will be organized at the end of the day with all the invited speakers and the scientific committee.

This symposium remains a unique opportunity to bring together opinion leaders and various actors in these fields.

The symposium is organized by the Labex IRON in partnership with the IRC TransForMed, SIRIC ILIAD and GDRMi2B.

Scientific committee

  • Chérel Michel, CRCINA UMR 1232 Inserm
  • Haddad Ferid, Arronax, SUBATECH UMR 6457 CNRS
  • Bailly Clément, CHU de Nantes, CRCINA UMR 1232 Inserm
  • Ouadi Ali, IPHC UMR 7178 CNRS, Strasbourg
  • Bernaudin Myriam, ISTCT, UMR 6030 CNRS, Caen

Organizing committee

  • Gaugler Marie-Hélène, CRCINA UMR 1232 Inserm
  • Richard Chrystelle, CHU de Nantes
  • Espejo Giancarlo, Nantes Université