The program PIRAMID (Protein Interactions in Rational Approaches for Medicinal Innovative Drugs) is funded for 5 years by the Pays-de-la-Loire Region Research Council in the framework of the « Dynamiques Scientifiques » call. This project merges together several regional research groups (7 laboratories, 11 teams and around 60 people) covering multidisciplinary fields such as biology in cancer, cardiovascular research, metabolic and lung risk factors, medicinal and organic chemistry, molecular modelling. The project PIRAMID aims to design, in particular through a wide range of molecular modelling approaches, original inhibitors targeting selected protein-protein interactions.

The Scientific Days of the Nantes Université offer an excellent opportunity to set up a Symposium on this PIRAMID multidisciplinary research project. Some speakers recognized as experts at a national and international level and members of the PIRAMID consortium will present relevant aspects of their research linked to protein-protein interactions.  For this third edition, a special focus will be put on the experimental approaches dedicated to the quantification of the intermolecular interactions involved in the processes targeted by the project or in comparable systems. This colloquium will also be an opportunity to emphasize the academic and industrial impact of the PIRAMID project.

Comité scientifique

  • Jean-Yves LE QUESTEL, Professeur à Nantes Université, Laboratoire CEISAM
  • Jacques LEBRETON, Professeur à Nantes Université, Laboratoire CEISAM
  • Sylvain COLLET, Enseignant-Chercheur à Nantes Université, Laboratoire CEISAM