This workshop, specially oriented on research collaborations, aims at bringing together researchers from Chinese universities (South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, Ocean University of China, Shanghai Maritime University, Northwestern Polytechnical University and Xidian University) and the graduate engineering school of University of Nantes and Polytech group, to discuss on the latest scientific and theoretical advances on information, communication, electronic and electrical systems in order to raise new joint research projects in the framework of the common Sino-French Research Center established since November 2010.

Ce cinquième workshop est co-organisé par les membres du centre commun de recherche en STIC (Sino-French research Center in Information and Communication : SFC/RIC) entre Polytech Nantes et SCUT. Les membres de ce centre de recherche commun sont des enseignants-chercheurs du laboratoire IETR et du laboratoire LS2N, côté Français, et des membres du laboratoire de recherche en télécommunications et du laboratoire de recherche en informatique de SCUT, côté Chinois.

Les recherches développées au sein de ce centre sont : antenne et disposition hyper-fréquence, contrôle non destructif, communication numérique, détection et localisation ; apprentissage et reconnaissance de formes, analyse des signaux psychophysique, représentation discrète de l’information…

Preliminary Program

8h - 8h30 : Registration

8h30 - 9h45 : Opening ceremony (15’ per speaker)

Welcome Remarks
by a representive of University Nantes (president or one vice-president)

Presentation 1.
Prof. Qiu Xueqing, Vice President of South China University of Technology

Presentation 2.
Prof. Philippe Dépincé, Dean of Ecole Polytechnique de l’Université de Nantes

Presentation 3.
Prof. Li Weiran, Vice President of Ocean China University

Presentation 4.
Prof. Tang Tianhao, professor in charge of the Sino-French Collaboration between Shanghai Maritime University and University of Nantes

9h45 – 10h45 : Poster session n°1 / coffee break

10h45 - 12h05 : Oral session n°1 (20’ per presentation, 15’ talk + 5’ questions)

Chairman : Patrick Lecallet / Xu Yong

Generalized Multiple-Mode OFDM with Index Modulation: Design guideline, Low-Complexity Detection, and Performance Study (télécom) (SCUT)
Miaowen Wen, Qiang Li, Ertugul Basar, Wensong Zhang

Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Using Co-prime Array in the Context of Both Circular and Non-circular Sources (SCUT/IETR)
Bingying Li, Yuehua Ding, Yide Wang

Robust Surface Normal Estimation from a Single Multispectral Image via a Deep Neural Network with Unified Photometric and Structural Cues (OUC)
Yakun Ju, Lin Qi, Junyu Dong

Viewpoint influence on visual saliency models when applied on computer generated objects (LS2N)
Mona Abid, Matthieu Perreira Da Silva, Patrick Le Callet

12h05 - 13h30 : Lunch

13h30 – 14h50 : Oral session n°2 (20’ per presentation, 15’ talk + 5’ questions)

Chairman : Jean François Diouris / Dong Qunyu

Mobile Natural Human-Computer Interaction Based on Virtual Chinese Acupuncture (SCUT)
Guanglong Du, Caibing Liu

A solution to diagonal property loss phenomenon in coprime sampling (IETR)
Zhe Fu, Pascal Chargé, Yide Wang

How to bring machine learning in industrial networks? (LS2N)
Alexi Bitaillou, Benoît Parrein, Guillaume Andrieux

Learning Hierarchical Prototypes for Action Recognition in Still Images (SCUT)
Yan Huang, Yixin Chen, Yong Xu, Yuhui Quan, Lianwen Jin

14h50 – 15h30: Poster session n°2 / coffee break

15h30 - 16h50 : Oral session n°3 (20’ per presentation, 15’ talk + 5’ questions)

Chairman : Mohamed Machmoum / Tang Tianhao

Autonomous, Short range Communication device (IETR)
Ammar Ahmed, Jean-François Diouris, Jean-Yves Baudais

Microgrid Modeling Approaches for Information and Energy Fluxes Management (IREENA/SMU)
Li Qiao, Rémy Vincent, Mourad Ait-Ahmed, Tang Tianhao
Measurement Analysis of Active Standing Wave Ratio on Networks with a Four-Port Vector Network Analyzer
Irfan Ali Tunio, Yann Mahé, Tchanguiz Razban, Bruno Froppier

A bottom-up customizable Markov model for household appliance electric consumption (IREENA/ESEO)
Chuanyong Shao, Eric Chauveau

Posters sessions

  • Incremental Hashing for Semantic Image Retrieval in Non-stationary Environments, Wing W.Y. Ng, Xing Tian, Yueming Lv, Daniel S. Yeung, Witold Pedrycz
  • Removing reflections with ghost effects from a single image, Yan Huang, Yuhui Quan, Yong Xu, Ruoto Xu, Hui Ji
  • Direct-Sequence Ultrasonic Wideband Technology for Intra-Body Communications, Qianqian Wang, Jiaojiao Liu, Biyun Ma
  • Self-supervised GAN for Image Generation by Correlating Image Channels, Sheng Qian, Wen-ming Coa, Rui Li, Si Wu, Hau-san Wong
  • Simulation and Experiment Research on Underwater Wireless Optical Communication, Li Ma, Wenshunag Wang, Min Fu, Mengnan Sun, Ru Xu, Neng Lai, Xuefeng Liu, Haiyong Zheng, nan Wang, Zhibin Yu, Zhaorui Gu, Xinmin Ren, Bing Zheng
  • Time delay and interface roughness estimation of pavements using modified MUSIC: experimental results, Meng Sun, Jingjing Pan, Cédric Le Bastard, Yide Wang, Nicolas Pinel
  • Modelling of Double stator PMSM with Line Voltage Input for Turn-to-Turn Short circuit, Li Hao, Emmanuel Schaeffer, Tang Tianhao
  • Control of a Conversion Chain Based on a 5-phase PMSG and AC-DC-AC Converters for Tidal Applications, Zhuo Liu, Alioune Seck, Azeddine Houari, Mohamed Machmoum, Mohamed Fouad Benkhoris, Tang Tianhoa
  • Study of Magnets and Pole Pieces Openings in Coaxial Magnetic Gearbox by Reluctance Network, T. She, N. Bracikowski, M. Naïdjate, L. Moreau, X. Yang, N. Bernard
  • Geometry Compression of 3D Static Point Clouds based on TSPLVQ, Amira Filali, Vincent Ricordel, Nicolas Normand
  • Parallel Amplifiers Technique for LNA Design, Massumeh Sabzi, Mahmoud Kamarei, Tchanguiz Razban, Yann Mahé
  • An Ambiguity-Solving Method for DOA Estimation with Unfolded Co-prime Arrays, Xiao Yang, Yide Wang, Pascal Chargé
  • Estimation of Clustered MIMO Channel Parameters exploiting Channel Statistics, Ali Mohydeen, Pascal Chargé, Yide Wang, Oussama Bazzi
  • Performance evaluation of solar energy predictor for wireless sensors, Taoufik Bouguera, Jean-François Diouris, Jean-Jacques Chailloux, Guillaume Andrieux
  • Efficient Threshold based non-sample spaced sparse channel estimation in OFDM system, Hui Xie, Yide Wang, Guillaume Andrieux

16h50 - 17h15 : Closing cermony

Comité scientifique

Université de Nantes
  • Anne Chousseaud
  • Guillaume Raschia
  • Harold Mouchère
  • Marc Gelgon
  • Luc Moreau
  • Didier Trichet
  • Sébastien Pillement
  • Tchanguiz Razban
  • Vincent Ricordel
  • Azeddine Houari
  • Mohamed Machmoum
  • Benoît Parrein
  • Nicolas Normand
  • Christian Viard-Gaudin
  • Maria Méndez Real
  • Cédric Le Bastard
  • Junyu Dong
  • Yuhu Quan
  • Si Wu
  • Fei Ji
  • Hua Yu
  • Biyun Ma
  • Fengjion Chen
  • Xue Gao
  • Tianhao Tang
  • Lihong Ma
  • Cui Yang
  • Xiuying Zhang
  • Yizhi Feng
  • Xinming Ren
  • Tianzhen Wang

Comité d'organisation

  • Pascal Chargé, Polytech Nantes – Laboratoire IETR
  • Matthieu Perreira Da Silva, Polytech Nantes – Laboratoire LS2N
South China University of Technology Polytech Nantes