MIHARThe World Health Organization acknowledged that antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security and development today, and that misuse of antibiotics is accelerating this process. Understanding the dynamic relationship between antibiotic use an antimicrobial resistance is crucial, in order to determine how antibiotics favor resistance at the population level and to assess the efficacy of antibiotic use restriction policies. Powerful statistical tools are necessary to analyze the relationship between antibiotic use and resistance. In recent years, Time Series Analysis techniques and multilevel modeling have been increasingly used for that purpose. However, these techniques have been poorly standardized, and it remains difficult to compare methods used by researchers across Europe. Consequently, comparisons between different countries or even between different hospitals is difficult. For future years, the challenge is to facilitate the use of these statistical methods in a systematic and standardized way.

Researchers from two laboratories of the Universite de Nantes (namely, Laboratoire de mathématiques Jean Leray, UMR 6629 and Equipe Emergente Microbiotas Hosts Antibiotics and bacterial Resistance) have been collaborating for 3 years to analyze dynamic relationships between antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance, both in the hospital and in the community. This conference will gather European researchers involved in the same area of research. It will give the opportunity for participants to present the statistical techniques they developed on their data. This conference will be associated to a workshop where researchers will be able to compare and refine their statistical methods on shared database. It intends to foster high level collaborative studies on this major public health problem.

Comité scientifique

  • Eric Batard, Equipe Emergente Microbiotes Hôtes Antibiotiques et Résistances bactériennes (MiHAR), CHU de Nantes
  • Paul Rochet, Laboratoire de mathématiques Jean Leray UMR 6629, Université de Nantes
  • Marie-Anne Vibet, Laboratoire de mathématiques Jean Leray UMR 6629, Université de Nantes

Organismes financeurs

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